Children's Services Act (CSA)

The Children's Services Act (CSA) is a 1993 Virginia law designed to help troubled youth and their families. State and local agencies, parents and private providers work together to plan and provide services. In each community, local teams decide how to do this.

The Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT) looks at the strengths and needs of individual youth and families, recommends what services to provide, and prepares a service plan for each family. The Community Policy and Management Team (CPMT) coordinates agency efforts, manages the available funds, and sees that eligible youth and their families get help. Both teams include parents, staff from community services boards, court service units, the department of health and social services, the schools, and private service providers.

Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT)

Deborah Thomas
Northwestern Community Services
Casey Owens
Page County Public Schools
Alexia Rosen
Private Provider Representative
Tammy WrightPage County Department of Social Services
Allison Straw
Page County Court Services Unit
Jane Thompson
Parent Representative
Lauren NealCSA Coordinator

FAPT meetings are held on the second Friday of each month beginning at 9:00 a.m., in the Board Room. in the County Government Center. 

Community Policy and Management Team (CPMT)

Ellen Baker
Page County Public Schools
Andrea Bieber
Northwestern Community Services
Kurt Emmerling
Page County Department of Social Services
Leea Shirley
Health Department
Jerry Stolling
26th District Court Services Unit
Tyler Olsen
CSA Fiscal Agent
Jennifer Wimer
Private Provider
Lauren NealCSA Coordinator


CPMT meetings are held on the third Friday of each month, at 9:30 a.m., in the Board Room, in the County Government Center.

Meetings are open to the public.