Building Inspections Department

The Building Inspections Department enforces the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code, which is mandatory statewide. The building code sets forth minimum standards for the construction and repair of buildings.

The office is responsible for accepting applications for permits, reviewing plans, issuing permits, and making inspections.

When a Building Permit is Required
A building permit is required before starting construction of a new building, altering, or adding to an existing building. If you are not sure whether you need a permit, please give the office a call.

You may need a zoning or health department permit before applying for a building permit. If your lot is not located within the town limits of Luray, Shenandoah, or Stanley, but you still have town water or sewer, you may not need a permit from the health department.

Health department approval is required prior to the issuance of any building permit for new construction, additions, and some types of remodeling. This permit can be obtained at:
Page County Health Department
75 Court Lane
Luray, VA 22835
Phone: 540-743-6528

New Construction & Additions
New construction and additions require a zoning permit and health approval to be obtained prior to the building permit being issued. It is recommended that a building permit application be submitted at the time of zoning application in order that the application and plans can be reviewed for approval while the zoning and health approval are being obtained. Two sets of plans are required for new construction and additions. If you do not have architect plans, you need to draw plans showing all structural information in regards to the size of lumber, spans, foundation plans, truss or rafter roof, electrical layout, plumbing layout, mechanical layout, etc.

Remodeling Permits
Remodeling permits require plans to be submitted and approved prior to the building permit being issued. Depending on the type of remodeling being done, a health permit could be required.

Permits can be required for the installation of siding, replacement windows, and reroof. Please notify the Building Department to inquire if a permit is necessary.

Demolition Permits
Demolition permits require prior to a building being torn down.

Swimming Pools
Above-ground and in-ground both require a building permit. Zoning and Health Department approval is also required prior to a building permit being issued. You need to submit a structural plan of the pool showing the design when you make application. A 48-inch tall fence must be placed around all pools.

Commercial Buildings
Commercial buildings may require plans drawn by an architect or engineer. The review process can take several weeks on these depending on the size of the building and the completeness of the plans.

Electrical Upgrades, Changeovers, or Repairs
Electrical upgrades, changeovers, or repairs require a permit be issued and the work inspected before the power company will make the reconnection. The permit can usually be issued at the time the application is made.