How do I make a FOIA request?

All requests must include the name and address of the requestor and the request must be reasonably specific.  A telephone number and/or email address is not required, but is useful. The day after the FOIA Officer or County employee receives the request is considered the first day of the five working day response period.  The five day period does not include weekends or holidays. A request for records can be sent through the website via the online form, through the mail, or by email to the FOIA Officer.

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1. What is the Virginia Freedom of Information Act?
2. What general policies does the Act establish?
3. How do I make a FOIA request?
4. Who can make a FOIA request?
5. How much does it cost to submit a FOIA request?
6. What documents can I ask for under FOIA?
7. When will the County respond to my request?
8. What information should I provide when making a records request?
9. What are FOIA exemptions?
10. Is there a form that I have to use to submit a FOIA request?
11. Where do I send my FOIA request?