Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  • Provide county departments with the data, tools, and training to leverage the county investment in a GIS. This objective encourages departments to maintain geographic information within their thematic disciplines.
  • Assemble thematic data (elevation, land cover, soils, property boundaries, etc.) in a common geographic framework within a single data warehouse.
  • Provide county geographic information to citizens via the Internet.
The mission of the GIS Department is to build on an established foundation of geographic information to support county decision-making. The GIS Department will provide the technological vision and leadership to deploy appropriate spatial technologies that will contribute towards an enriched community. Hereby, we will reinvent, reengineer, and streamline government wherever spatial technology can contribute towards increased efficiencies, increased effectiveness, and reduced costs.

  • To maintain a framework of fundamental geographic data elements for use in a multiparticipant county GIS.
  • To coordinate all GIS activities and data concerning Page County and to ensure that geographic information related services are delivered effectively and in a timely manner.
  • To make geographic and related information available to citizens while protecting county investments in data development.
  • To empower County employees and citizens by providing the appropriate tools for the retrieval and analysis of spatial data for use in answering practical, policy, and political questions.
  • To foster data sharing partnerships with both governmental and private sector entities to facilitate the County's involvement in economic development, environmental conservation, public safety, land use and infrastructure initiatives.