Building Inspections Department

When Is a Building Permit Required

Application for a permit shall be made to the building official and a permit shall be obtained prior to the commencement of any of the following activities:

  1. Construction or demolition of a building or structure. Installations or alterations involving (i) the removal or addition of any wall, partition or portion thereof, (ii) any structural component, (iii) the repair or replacement of any required component of a fire or smoke rated assembly, (iv) the alteration of any required means of egress system, (v) water supply and distribution system, sanitary drainage system or vent system, (vi) electric wiring, (vii) fire protection system, mechanical systems, or fuel supply systems, or (viii) any equipment regulated by the USBC.
  2. For change of occupancy, application for a permit shall be made when a new certificate of occupancy is required.
  3. Movement of a lot line that increases the hazard or decreases the level of safety of an existing building or structure in comparison to the building code under which such building or structure was constructed.
  4. Removal or disturbing of any asbestos containing materials during the construction or demolition of a building or structure, including additions.

You will also need a zoning permit for any building, structure or sign erected, constructed, moved, added to or structurally altered. This may be applied for when you apply for your building permit or prior to. If your lot is located within the corporate limits of a town, you will need to apply for zoning through your town office.
 Health department approval is required prior to the issuance of any building permit for new construction, additions, and some types of remodeling.

New Construction & Additions

New construction and additions require a zoning permit and health approval to be obtained prior to the building permit being issued. It is recommended that a building permit application be submitted at the time of the zoning permit application so that the application and plans can be reviewed for approval while the zoning and health approval are being obtained. 

Two sets of plans are required for new construction and additions. If you do not have architect plans, you will need to draw plans showing all structural information in regards to the size of lumber, spans, foundation plans, truss or rafter roof, electrical layout, plumbing layout, mechanical layout, etc. 

Please allow up to two weeks for review of residential plans. Commercial plan review time may be longer depending on the complexity of the project.

Remodeling permits require two sets of plans to be submitted and approved prior to the building permit being issued. Depending on the type of remodeling being done, a health permit could be required.

Permits may be required for the installation of siding, replacement windows, and reroof for residential projects. A permit is always required for this type of work in a commercial setting. Please notify the Building Department to inquire if a permit is necessary.

Swimming Pools

Above-ground pools will require a building permit if:
 •  Surface area is 150 square feet or greater
 •  Volume is greater than 5,000 gallons
 •  Depth is 24 inches or greater

In-ground and above-ground pools require a safety barrier. Please inquire about barrier requirements when applying for your permit. 

Commercial Buildings

Electrical Upgrades, Changeovers, Repairs or Reconnects

Electrical upgrades, changeovers, repairs, or reconnects require a permit be issued and the work inspected before the power company will make the re-connection.

Agreement In Lieu of an Erosion & Sediment Control Plan

Any new home or addition to a home requires an “Agreement in Lieu of an Erosion & Sediment Control Plan” to be signed and submitted at the time of building permit application.