Building Code Appeals Board


The Building Code Appeals Board is a 5-member body appointed by the Board of Supervisors for a 4-year term. The Board hears and decides appeals by the owner of a building or structure or any other person from a decision of the Building Official refusing to grant a modification of the provisions of the basic code covering the manner of construction of materials to be used in the erection, alteration or repair of a building or structure.
  • Meetings held as needed to comply with appeal hearing requirements

Members District Term Expires
Clay Gaunt District 1   12/31/2025
Steve Cave District 2  12/31/2023
Emmett Brooks District 3  12/31/2023
Keith Higgs District 4   12/31/2023
Ronald Comer District 5  12/31/2025
Patrick Racey Alternate  12/31/2025
Roger Houser Alternate 12/31/20215